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Well, wonder no more! Take a look at this report and call us for more details. By the way, this report is updated every month, so the only way to truly stay current with what is the best product is to work with us.

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Indexalyzer back-tests every known Index Crediting Method that exists in FIA and IUL products today and compiles that data into easy to use reports.   It uses a 10-year time frame for all the back-testing to create a congruent method of analyzing products. If an index does not have enough history and there is no method of back-testing from the index itself, the index will be omitted from the reports. The reports are updated monthly by utilizing the closing price data and the current carrier rate levels from the first business day of each month.




We hear all the marketing from the carriers about all these new indices. Wall Street is getting involved in the Fixed Index Annuity space at a record pace! The question becomes, who is utilizing these indices with the best FIA crediting? We have the answer! Look at the attached report. We can run a comparison based on a specific index family. Call us today so we can generate a report on your favorite index!

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