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Illustrate Alternating two-year point-to-point Strategies

We can now Illustrate Alternating two-year point-to-point Strategies with any Fixed Index Annuity Available. The Strategy is splitting the client’s deposit between a one-year reset and a two-year reset. After the 1st anniversary moving the one-year reset into a second two-year reset strategy alternating the returns every year.

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Multi-Year Reset Strategy Illustration

Producers that use the strategy of splitting the clients deposit between a 1 year reset and a 2 year reset.  On the client’s anniversary, moving the 1 year Reset into a new 2 year strategy to stagger the 2yr returns to credit every year.  Now we can illustrate that!

Cumulative Index Comparisons

This report can give your agents the ability to meet with clients and prospects and gather the data on their current out-dated Index Annuity products and compare them to the better performing products we have today!  “It’s time to update your annuity!”

Carrier vs. Carrier

Attached is an example of how we can compare FIA carriers. Have you ever been in a competitive situation? This report could really help you close the deal! You can also use this report to answer some questions you may have about how your favorite carrier stacks up with other carriers you are considering. Call us today and have us prepare a report for you.